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Summary & Goals: The goal of this outline is to explain the social media management plan we offer. With three different options and pricing plans from which to choose, our goal is to handle the work for you.


Custom Audits: As you begin your trek to social media greatness, we will provide your business with customized audits of your current social media platforms. These audits will help us to visualize the aspects of your platforms that we must address before beginning your content marketing campaign.

Social Media Manager: With all plans, you will have a qualified social media manager who oversees all aspects of your firm’s social media presence. Your social media manager will develop an effective content marketing strategy and implement proven growth strategies across all platforms. Your manager will be available for you Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. You will also have the ability to schedule calls with your social media manager as needed to discuss vision and strategy.

Professional Branding Across Platforms: It is important to us that your social channels look clean, well branded and professional. This is the very first step we take before we begin posting. Our designers will set your brand up for excellence with custom profile images/cover photos across all platforms we are managing.

Content Creation: Content creation consists of the creation of posts that go out on your social media channels weekly. We develop content by defining how your firm hopes to engage its audience. This could be creating content that educates people about your firm, inspires them to take an action or informs them about industry-related and community service news.

It’s easy to differentiate ourselves. We offer something our competitors don’t: intimate relationships with our clients and knowledge of the industry and the players. This should be a factor during the decision-making process.

Community Engagement Posting: We love community service. Let your social media manager share everything your business does for the community! Keep us updated on your firm’s community involvement and we will share your information, photos and videos. Be sure to send us everything! We will also consistently support community service projects, such as EndDD throughout your social media platforms.

Analytics Reporting: Receive quarterly updates on the progression of your accounts. We will provide extremely useful analytics showing total post reach, total page clicks and total website visits. Here, you will be able to analyze the success of your campaign.

Facebook Ad Spend: Facebook is a data-driven platform that allows your business to laser target buyers and clients within your industry. We create engaging content and run strategic Facebook ads to increase your page likes, post reach and website traffic. The amount spent on ad spend varies from plan to plan. Have a big firm announcement? Let us know and we will advertise it through Facebook so you can reach thousands.

Facebook ad spend is becoming a necessity as business pages are now being treated differently from personal pages. To appear in news feeds, a business must now boost posts.

Google+ Page Optimization: Having a Google+ business page is absolutely essential for businesses that have a website. Not only will your firm or business now be available on Google Maps, but your website SEO will be greatly improved. After all, if you don’t have a Google+ page, how would Google find you?

Keyword Optimization: Social Media is a great place to optimize keywords and help improve website ranking. Your social media manager will discuss with you the specific keywords related to your firm that would help the search engines index your platforms.

Manual Interaction Management: Each client on the Enterprise plan will receive full interaction management. Interaction management is the process of responding to fans’ questions or comments on all social channels, monitoring spam heavily and engaging on-page with fans and followers. This includes asking fans & followers questions and making comments. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that have low page engagement and would like to increase on-page engagement. The Professional and Premier plans also receive interaction management, however, the interaction is not daily and full time.

Facebook Page Promotion: With every plan, each client receives a paid advertising budget for Facebook. Advertising costs not used towards boosting posts will be used to promote your page. Our advertising team will design and build the advertisements towards the firms’ target market and start watching your likes increase.

Branded Visuals: Don’t have images of your firm or business? On our Enterprise plan, we will design engaging firm branded images to all of your posts!